Corey Petree, organizer of last weekend’s Cherokee Farms event, Fly Free Fest, confirms the county shut them down multiple times over the weekend for violating noise rules. He says county leaders have decided to crack down on Cherokee Farms due to multiple problems on the site and a multitude of complaints from citizens.

Performer During Fly Free Fest 14 at Cherokee Farms

Petree says Commissioner Heiskell revoked the festival’s non-existent special permit to play music all night long. County insiders verify that account, saying the Commissioner’s Office finally took action after several hundred people called 911 to complain about the event, but there was never any special sound permit issued because the county doesn’t have one. They simply enforced the county’s long-standing noise ordinance requiring loud music to end at 11 PM.

    Fly Free Fest Facebook, 10/13/14: “The Walker County Commissioner revoked our special permit and wouldn’t allow us to serve alcohol on Sunday. The sheriff came around 8:30 and told us we couldn’t serve or distribute beer anymore.”

The county DID come tell Fly Free Fest vendors they couldn’t sell alcohol on Sunday, but they didn’t revoke the event’s Sunday sales permit because it never had one of those, either. A special event alcohol retail sale license was issued to Jolly Walrus Productions (which owns Fly Free Fest), but was only good for 10/10 and 10/11, Friday and Saturday. They had no legal permission to sell beer at all on Sunday. The Sheriff’s Office or Walker County Police, whichever agency it was, was right to step in.

For the first time, after eight years of this crap, the county finally started enforcing at least SOME of the rules at Cherokee Farms, and suspended property owner Smokey Caldwell’s “get away with anything” license – at least temporarily.

LU doesn’t say this much, but good on Commissioner Heiskell (and probably Sheriff Wilson) for actually doing something this time.   Tiny Facebook

October 15 Post Office Wreck   October 15 Post Office Wreck

Wreck this morning on LaFayette bypass at Grant St. in front of the Post Office. Happened around 8 AM. No word on injuries.

That’s a dangerous intersection. A city worker was killed in a city vehicle pulling out there a few years ago.   Tiny Facebook

Rudelle Greene in UniformMonday night during the regular October business meeting, LaFayette City Council paid tribute to retired LPD officer Rudelle Greene, who passed away last month.

Greene was hired by LPD 47 years ago to the day (October 13, 1967) and was the department’s first non-white officer AND its first officer with a college degree. Greene served until 1998.


Other meeting issues included disposing of surplus equipment and vehicles, engineering new water lines for Swanson Farm industrial park, and adopting a 2015 budget.   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook


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LU received the usual reports of rampant drug use and public nudity/sexual activity (even with children present) during the weekend’s Cherokee Farms event, Fly Free 2014.

Cherokee Farms Fly Free Fest 14

Beyond drug and alcohol activity, Cherokee Farms activities are notorious for loud window-shaking music that often lasts all through the night, sometimes ending as the sun comes up. This time that didn’t happen, after rumored intervention from Walker County deputies who finally remembered the county’s 11 PM noise ordinance.

An event at Cherokee Farms last October resulted in a burglarized church and a stolen county school bus. An event held at the site in March put a teen in the hospital, on the verge of death, from overconsumption of alcohol. Another event earlier this month saw at least one person sent to Hutcheson after overdosing on mushrooms.

The big question now: why did law enforcement wait so long to get involved?   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook

Thursday Commissioner Heiskell held the last of three legally required meetings to set a final budget for fiscal 2014 – which ended September 30th.

Heiskell operated the county for a year without a budget, finally adopting one that exactly matches her erratic senseless spending after the fact to comply with state law.

In this vide of the afternoon meeting, Heiskell tries to explain why she didn’t adopt a 2014 budget until after the 2014 fiscal year ended, updates on Cedar Grove Community Center, and justifies not using a “line item” budget for county departments.

Plus, county CFO tries to explain why Mountain Cove Farms is completely omitted from the budget. (The audio is terrible, and that’s pretty much how they like it.)

State law is so full of holes, elected leaders can drive a truck of corruption right through the square and flip birds to all the watching taxpayers as they blow by.

Kinda like what happens here.   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook

Hutcheson leaders claim to have “high hopes” for the money-losing hospital. HMC still hasn’t shown a profit in years, and is slated to go to foreclosure auction (again) next month because of the unpaid loan from Erlanger.

Hutcheson 1990 Ad

    Georgia Press Association, September 2014: “Lender [Erlanger] plans to foreclose upon its lien and sell at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash before the Courthouse door at Catoosa County, Georgia, within the legal hours of sale on the first Tuesday in November 2014, the tracts and parcels of land in Catoosa County and Walker County described in the Deed to Secure Debt. Generally, the property at issue contains: Hutcheson Medical Center (Parkside campus), the medical building adjacent to the hospital, the Parkside at Hutcheson Nursing Home, some smaller adjacent buildings and a nearby child care center.”

There will be a meeting next Thursday in Catoosa to discuss the pending foreclosure:

    “Erlanger will hold a public forum to discuss the impact of the foreclosure at The Catoosa County Civic Center Auditorium at the Colonnade in Ringgold, Georgia on October 16, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. This meeting will permit Lender to receive local input on the planned foreclosure and representatives of the Lender will be present to answer questions you may have at that time.”

The soap opera continues..   Tiny Facebook


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Early Thursday morning an intoxicated driver led police on a high-speed chase from Noble through town to Bi-Lo where he crashed. Authorities say the chase reached speeds in excess of 100MPH while blowing through town.

LaFayette High Speed Chase

Suspect, who hasn’t yet been named, was arrested on Cherokee Street. He was under the influence of alcohol and non-prescription drugs.   Tiny Facebook

All week local media outlets have been pushing a story sent by the Commissioner’s Office regarding a lawsuit filed by former State Court Judge Bruce Roberts.

Former Judge Bruce Roberts

Per all those reports the county won the case, but the legal decision actually went both ways: Roberts’ claim that he was underpaid by the county has been rejected, but the county’s counter-suit against Roberts for dismissing traffic tickets was deemed a “frivolous claim,” and the county has to pay back a portion of the ex-judge’s legal fees.

Here’s the actual decision. Read IT instead of the filtered press-release-based “news” reports.

Report from the Times Free Press also omits some of the facts, but adds this little gem: “Heiskell, in turn, sued Roberts, claiming he caused emotional distress to Sheriff Steve Wilson when he dismissed about 60 traffic cases after losing his re-election.”

So the county and commissioner sued the ex-judge for kicking out traffic tickets, which was his right as a judge, because it made the Sheriff upset? And this is the ONLY thing Steve Wilson has ever gotten upset about? Beyond weird.

All this thing did was cost the county a lot of money. Would have been cheaper to have just settled with Roberts and give him $20k or so than pay county lawyers AND Roberts’ lawyers to fight this in court for two years. (Of course it’s not the Commissioner’s money, it’s yours and mine.)

Judge Roberts is now commuting from Villanow to Atlanta every day because he was basically run out of public service in Walker County by the Commissioner and Sheriff, in favor of noted local drunk Billy Mullinax; Mullinax is now refunding illegal court fees charged to dozens of people since he took office – a practice Roberts didn’t engage in.   Tiny Facebook

State Rep. John Deffenbaugh says the issue of sole commissioner government SHOULD be “up to the people” to decide, but also states he personally prefers a sole commissioner to a commission – especially if the sole commissioner supports HIM.

He refuses to say here if he’ll actually listen to the 1,800 or so people who have signed LU’s petition asking legislators for a vote on the matter. His November opponent, Tom McMahan, said he’ll try to get it on the ballot if elected.

The House District 1 election is only for western Walker and all of Dade. Not all of us can vote, but those who can should be paying attention to this.

(The Sole Commissioner Vote Petition is one month old today. Do your part and sign.)   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook


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Sunnyside Church Arson

Early last Friday morning Sunnyside Church on Roundpond Rd. was intentionally set ablaze. The building remains standing but is considered a total loss due to heavy damage inside. Sunnyside’s Brandon Dale Harriscongregation will meet at LHS on Sunday mornings until further notice.

Shortly after the fire was discovered, deputies arrested 21-year-old Brandon Dale Harris, age 21, on charges related to the intentional blaze. Per authorities, Harris wrecked a stolen truck, broke into the church, set four fires inside, and fled on a bicycle. He was apprehended near the high school and transported to Hutcheson for injuries related to the wreck.   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook

LaFayette dodged another storm-related bullet earlier this week when a weather system with tornadic looking activity and large hail passed over the area doing minimal damage. Video below shows hail falling in Catlett:

Losses in Walker County are limited to downed trees and hail-dinged cars, while our neighbors around Ringgold saw homes damaged once again by an EF1 tornado. There were no major injuries in Northwest Georgia, but the weekend’s storm will probably be considered the worst to pass over Catoosa County since a tornado killed eight in April 2011.   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook

After a year of delays due to county budget shenanigans, LaFayette library renovations are on the cusp of completion.

New Library Floor

The temporary library in Food Lion will close November 10th. Employees will move everything to the newified old place on Duke Street and reopen there on Monday November 24th.   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook


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Rudelle Greene Late In Life

Retired LPD officer Rudelle Greene passed away in Mississippi last weekend. Greene, who served the city for decades, was 85. Services will be held in Leland, MS where he lived (near family) after retirement.

Per the 1940 census he grew up on Cove Rd. which is now Culberson Ave. Greene’s father Lowell donated land for the Lowell Greene Rec. Center back when the city didn’t allow non-whites to use the main recreation department. Rudelle was one of the city’s first black cops after desegregation.

Rudelle Greene and LPD in 1975

Rudelle Greene spent roughly 40 years with LaFayette PD; the photo above shows him with other officers in 1975.   Tiny Facebook

Walker County Sheriff’s Office says whoever left oil and tacks in the road to disrupt Ironman bike competition Sunday will face criminal charges.

Ironman Oil in Road from Channel 9

Finding them, however, will not be easy.   Tiny Facebook

Open up those wallets folks, we’ve got a fire fighter in need.

Carrie & Tracey Carter

Carrie Carter, wife of Walker County volunteer fireman Tracey Carter, passed away Sunday. The family is in need of financial assistance both for Ms. Carter’s final arrangements and for a stack of medical bills left from her ten year battle with cancer. (She had no life insurance.)

Anyone interested in helping can give online via GoFundMe, or directly to the fire department, designated for the Carter family. WCES says donations will be accepted at the office (107 Alex Drive Chickamauga off Hwy. 136) or the Fairview station (207 Jenkins Road Rossville) where Tracey serves.

As of 4 PM Wednesday, $570 has been contributed online. The family owes $1,900 just for a downpayment on Carrie’s funeral services. (A report on this situation is scheduled to run on Channel 3 news today at 5 PM.)   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook


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