Good Christian Man™: An Untouchable Individual

A Good Christian Man™ (or alternately, a Good Christian Woman™) is someone whose claimed beliefs, membership in a prominent church, financial support of a church, or family history of strong faith places their character and trustworthiness above everyone else in the community.

Because of this status any decidedly un-Christian behavior they engage in cannot be challenged, questioned, or even discussed in polite company. Anyone who dares question the moral superiority of a Good Christian Man™ is by their nature a heretic, anti-American, and against the church as a whole. Doubting an individual with this status is equivalent to spitting on Baby Jesus while burning an American flag. That’s how it works in LaFayette anyway.

“He’s a Good Christian Man™” is commonly thrown up to defend indefensible behavior. The behavior is never explained or denied, because a Good Christian Man™ needs no defense outside of their own character and reputation. Typically used by family members or supporters of the person being accused or questioned.

In reality, if you have to continually remind people how much of a Christian you are, you’re probably not much of one. Real belief and faith (Christian or otherwise) should be obvious through actions and speech, not through beating people over the head with it or constantly reminding them of it.

Judeo-Christian faith and morality are core to the survival of society, and this is not meant as an attack on Christianity – but to make fun of those who use that faith or the church as a universal shield to avoid accountability. Real Christian faith involves an element of humility, confession of sin, accountability, transparency, and love for others. Most Good Christian Men™ display none of these qualities.

See also: Matthew 6:1, Matthew 7:16-23, Luke 11:37-53, Wilson, Steve.



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  1. the christian climate has ruined Lafayette. i.e. prohibited sale of any beverage other then beer of wine. i have an idea… let continue to sent your tax dollars to Tenn…. Chattanooga continues to thrive on your tax dollars. loose you single minded approach and invest into your community and bring business in to Walker Co. if you don’t you will stay steady on the pat of self destruction and Lafayette will be one big meth lab…

  2. Oh boy … this one is too easy.

    (Laughing My Christian Butt Off)

  3. This isn’t saying anything about Christian people or Christian values, but about people who use their supposed Christian values as a shield to hide bad behavior. If you’re a true believer, if you truly have Faith in Christ, then you shouldn’t have to keep reminding others about it (it will be obvious) and it’s not something you’ll use to defend your actions.

    — LU

  4. Amen Brother! :)

  5. I enjoyed this. Sorry I don’t have anything profound to add. I just wanted you to know that it was enjoyed. :)

  6. LMFAO! Good Christian Man, and trademarked to boot!
    Good Christian men, in my experience, expunge their anxiety by having some kind of secret life on the side. BTW, I just found LaFayette Underground today and am making it my home page. Your presence is appreciated and needed.

  7. This is so stupid..

  8. Just because you go to Church doesn’t make you a Christian,any more than sitting in your garage makes you a car!

  9. Before you judge another person walk in his shoes there is so much anger and lies
    in this one horse town wish people would get a life and and show some kindness among christians and non christians.( NAME CALLING AND GOSSIP SEEMS TO BE WHAT A LOT OF FOLKS LIKE TO HEAR GOD BLESS OUR CHILDREN AND GOD BE WITH THE PEOPLE IN OUR SMALL TOWN)******)

  10. While considering moving to LF from Egypt [not really, FL] I somehow found this website and wish there was one like it for EVERY town in America. Ya’ll are a scream. Very funny stuff here. Love the url – f-ing IT moron for the city did not even buy. “DOTCOM? Wuz ah sposed ta git dat one tooo?”

    I would go to church but I fear being labeled a good christian man. I’d rather be known as an honest jerk, so I can go to Jerk heaven when I die.

    Keep it up guys and gals and everything in between Ya’ll rock!

    BTW add the WP plugin All-in-one SEO pack to the code:


  11. Please don”t tell me you are a good Christian… SHOW ME in your everyday activities.
    I( have been hoodwinked by a lot of GOOD CHRISTIAN men who will (do) lie cheat and steal.
    Would Christ approve of that?
    I know he will NOT.

  12. Carolyn:
    You are 110% right.
    Rave on sister we hear you.

  13. @Lush:

    Using the words “Chattanooga” and “Thriving” that close together is comical at best, or horrendously ignorant at worst. Chattanooga was once described, by a Chattanooga resident, as “The Detroit of The South” and I’m inclined to agree. Lafayette ruined Lafayette, its that simple. Lafayette is economically hostile; its retail lease rates and taxes are on the level of much larger cities while only having maybe 1/20th the population/economy of those cities, as well as an abysmal average household income of 15k, because the jobs that are here are rarely above minimum wage. Simple economics: People with money will spend it. There is NO money here. Take a stroll and marvel at all the decaying or closed businesses (I plan to make a small documentary about this place). Local politics and businesses are ruled with an iron fist of nepotism and cronyism, with no concern for the progress or benefits to its citizenry.

    Christianity (or in Lafayettes case, Baptists) has almost nothing to do with Lafayette being ruined. The Baptist church being apathetic on moral authority probably has a hand in the ridiculous teen pregnancy rate, but not economically. Nepotism & Cronyism. This town is too close knit to vote for anyone they don’t personally know, regardless of their qualifications. That and an astonishing lack of ambition on the part of nearly ever local. People in Lafayette really do seem content with having no economy, no growth, no entertainment, no income, no opportunities and enjoy driving an hour away to do ANYTHING of interest.

    So I guess I’m agreeing with everything you said with the exception that its not the “Christian” climate that’s ruined Lafayette. I’m a Christian and I completely agree that alcohol sales would attract new business. It’s Lafayette’s 1826 “We don’t like yur kind ’round here” mentality that’s killed this place.

    @Jimbo: REALLY? Lets trade. I’ll take your job in Florida and you can come down here and live in Zombie Apocalypse USA.


  15. God is first in My life, Born in N.W.Ga. At the beginning of My 8th.yr.in school I was recruited into the war on drug’s by My hometown official’s,I did as I was instructed, I brought drug’s from a known dealer with a marked 20$ bill,I was left with the drug’s and the law never came for me,Not knowing what or why till the next day at school I was beaten & threaten to die as a nark,I was to scared to go back to school or even go outside to play,The law would not help.After a few week’s of not going to school the law was going to put My mother in jail for not sending Me. So we moved to Fl. The next yr. we moved back. They had put me in the 9th. grade,I went for a few mo’s.,In fear of My life I left my hometown again.I am now in My 50’s,I have been in and out of this town all My life, The war on drug’s have only gotten worse here and across the U.S.. I am here to stay. I am no longer a child .I wont My name cleared,Back pay,and position of authority. I am more then qualified for what I am seeking .It is important that I stay anonymous till I find the right man for My case,I have been looking for some time now and only a few have got My attention,Obviously I am self educated, I have a Honorable discharge form the military,I am ordained by My church,I am one of the youngest past master’s of the Masonic loge’s,After 25 yr’s. of marriage & being widowed for the past 9 yr’s.,I have children & 8 grand children,Your loyalty & honesty is required.This is not your ordinary case.It will take us across the U.S. and all the way to Washington D.C.. When We have 40 yr’s. of losing a war, It’s time for a change. I’m it.Who will come with me? I sent this to my H.town last mo. & they did respond but they don’t know who I am yet . I am going no with this by my self till I find the right attorney. 4-2-2015 put in jail obstruction refused to answer any moor ?- no seat belt court 5-2- 2015.I will need a teem of attorney’s with me, If you are not able to finger out who I am by now I don’t need you. You wont this case come talk to me in person. Don’t email find me. Thank’s & good luck.

  16. Whut????????????????

  17. A good christian here. (LMCAO) You go to church here and as soon as you leave, the good ole christians are talking about you and putting you down. I know a church who wears rubber bands around their wrist and when they talk about someone they flip it. They said some of them had blisters as big as swelled up ticks. It’s all about tax write offs and looking good for your community. The church’s need to fix their signs from EVERYONE WELCOME TO WELCOME GIVE US NEW BLOOD TO TALK ABOUT AND PUT DOWN.

  18. Anonymousnomore

    Suggestion..go back to class and get s GED. That is a high school equivalency diploma. Classes are free. You will contibue to be a victim of the system until you earn the basic skills to survive in today’s world. Stop blaming others and change yourself.

  19. WHAT, I grew up here and have gone to these so called churches here. I have never met a christian here, not a true one. One church on south 151 is a bunch of sorry asses. It’s a tax write off. A child ate a pickle out of the fridge and got in trouble over a damn pickle. Come on. They won’t help anybody but the hypos with money. I’d rather go to hell and burn the rest of my life in eternity than go to church anywhere in WALKER COUNTY.

  20. All these goody goody’s, I read some of their comments. But they do worse than the one’s they talk about. They take pills, smoke weed and act like they don’t do anything wrong. I guess that’s where that inbreeding comes in, and they don’t see their own wrongs but sees everybody’s around them.

  21. The rubber band thing was the church on south 151 too. Where they cursed a child who ate the pickle out of the fridge. I don’t guess they would have been enough for her fat ugly hypo ass. Come on.

  22. Awfully dangerous to drive around noon on Sunday. Church is out and they are driving “filled with glory” and you better watch them because they don’t see you, unless you went to church. These “higher than thous” give real Christians a bad name. Actually worse in nooga than Queenie. God Bless