Last week crews started a $5 million renovation and expansion at LHS. Most of the work focuses on athletic facilities, as promised by tax approved by voters in 2011.


As noted here when the EPLOST tax was up for a vote in March 2011, most of the spending will be for athletics, not academics.

Walmart was robbed last Thursday by a black male in his 20’s, used a hammer to rip open an unattended cash draw and steal about $400. Repairing the damage costs about 5x that much. He’s apparently been doing the same thing all over and isn’t believed to be local to LaFayette.

[Video Removed by WRCB TV]

20% of sales at LaFayette Sonic today 5-8 will go to GA Hunting and Fishing Federation’s Sportsman Pantry, which processes game to feed people in need.

Hunters interested in contributing game to the Pantry should contact LaFayette Wild Game Processing at 3492 Trion Hwy. – 706 638 1354.

Georgia’s film production tax credits have increased the number of movies made here, but how many of them don’t stink? Not very many.

GA spends some $1.4 billion a year on subsidies and tax breaks for businesses. That’s 8% of the state budget or $144 per resident. For what it’s worth, Blue Bird is 6th highest beneficiary. Caterpillar is #1, the new Lowes distribution center in Rome is #2.

Most of these are tax breaks, not grants or loans. Biggest beneficiary INDUSTRY is agriculture, because all their purchases are exempt from sales tax. The film/television industry is third biggest beneficiary, at $60 million a year.


This is the project mentioned here back in October. News reports at the time said it would be closed a full year (October 12-October 13) not just until summer. With typical construction overruns it could be January 2014 before this project is done.

Renewal of the state’s hospital “Bed Tax,” which partially funds GA Medicaid, will be one of the 2013 legislative session’s hottest issues. Some leaders insist it’s not a tax, just a fee – which means they can keep it or even raise it while claiming opposition to taxes.

A year or so ago several state legislators, including Senator Mullis, wanted to expand the bed tax to fund rural trauma centers. Jeff Mullis was in the middle of that one but it was defeated by voters.

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  1. Has anyone mentioned that officer durham head of the gang task force in walker county has directly told several inmates that they were wrong for their religious beliefs based on the fact that he is a youth minister and he knows the bible.that is a direct violation of a persons constitutional rights. I have personally been called into a room and asked my religious views while in jail for a week and he told me i was wrong for my beliefs which are christian based by the way!

  2. I was done the same way by officer durham of the walker county sheriffs dept. called into a room accused of being gang related and then harassed about my christian beliefs which are a little bit different than main stream christianity but this man tole me i was wrong and my religion is wrong. How can my freedom of religion be taken from me just because i spent a couple of days in jail for some really silly stuff? I think officer durham should be taken off gang task force as he isn’t professional at all. And when you dispute him he starts screaming and basically telling you that your wrong for your beliefs. Officer durham is a bully and not only that when debating scripture he stutters and is really pretty ignorant to the scripture.not very christian like at all and he doesnt need this gang task force position. Lafayette doesnt need gang task force, just another title added to rip the tax payers off. I challenge officer durham to a public debate on christianity with someone to witness the debate just to show how little he even knows of the bible. He is a bully and god will deal with him.

  3. I cant believe what i am reading. I had a run in with officer durham too. I am a muslim and he basically told me i was gang related and i admitted to being in a gang in the past but in Atlanta not little lafayette georgia. We dont have gangs here and i feel its a huge waste of money to even have a gang task force..can you show me one incident where officer durham and gang task force has saved someone from gang violence in lafayette? Anyways i went to jail for two days for basically getting drunk and walking in public while intoxicated. I was called into a room to be questioned by officer durham concerning my tats and when asked of my religious views i told him i was muslim and he actually started quoting scripture trying to prove to me my beliefs were wrong. He even ask me if i supported the taliban and terrorist! I was outraged. Why is this man allowed to treat inmates like this. Are we not allowed freedom of religion after being convicted of a crime?

  4. I was called into a room to speak with officer durham regarding my tats on my back as being gang related. He asked me a few questions and i answered honestly about my beliefs which are christ based. He told me point blank “you are wrong” then he went into a debate with me and i quoted the scripture that my beliefs came from and he was stumped. In other words he was truly ignorant to the bible and feels because he is a youth minister he is the top biblical expert of lafayette. He was very rude and very wrong abusing his position. Correct me if i am wrong but isn’t freedom of religion protected within our constitution? I don’t care if the rest of the world doesn’t believe the same as me , however i show respect to all others as well as their beliefs. Officer durham of the gang task force abuses his authority and i have often wondered if i could file some type of legal action against the county since he represents the county while on duty. I was talked down to and yelled at by a supposed man of god. I remained calm and did not bend on my beliefs although he told me i was wrong and would go to hell. The people of walker county need to know the truth about this foul mouth,verbally abusive , fake christian. In his position he should give inmates positive advice to reduce the chances of returning once released but instead he uses it as a time to try and bully others around. Officer durham you are a coward sir and i pray for you.

  5. For the record, you guys are part of the Aryan Brotherhood, right?

    — LU

  6. I’m curious as to they types of crimes you guys committed. Maybe you do need to re-evaluate your beliefs just a little if they didn’t keep you out of jail?

  7. I am not associated with the aryan brotherhood and not associated with anyone in lafayette period. It wouldn’t matter if i did belong anyways. I think that its obvious that officer durham over step his boundaries. I am a Christian of the christian identity faith and whether officer durham agrees with my beliefs or not he has no right to tell me i am wrong. I admit i have sone wrong in my past and have served my time and now just a hard working
    White american citizen trying to make my way through the world just like everyone else. So the fact that i have been in jail before doesn’t have anything to do with my religion, but rather my lack of dedication to god and my faith at those periods in my life when i did make mistakes. By the way i am associated with aryan kindred and as we have went back and forth months ago on another post we are not associated with any other aryan or white supremacist group so stop trying to figure it out and just accept the fact LU that i am a law abiding god fearing man with a deep devotion to my family just the same as most in our area are. But thats not the subject at hand. Officer durham should not use his authority to tell people they are wrong for their personal beliefs. I think most would agree with that.

  8. You don’t know the Creator God, because He ain’t no Aryan, and he didn’t make no “Mud People”.

    Definition ~ “Christian Identity Faith”;

    Christian Identity is a religious ideology popular in extreme right-wing circles. Adherents believe that whites of European descent can be traced back to the “Lost Tribes of Israel.” Many consider Jews to be the Satanic offspring of Eve and the Serpent, while non-whites are “mud peoples” created before Adam and Eve. Its virulent racist and anti-Semitic beliefs are usually accompanied by extreme anti-government sentiments. Despite its small size, Christian Identity influences virtually all white supremacist and extreme anti-government movements. It has also informed criminal behavior ranging from hate crimes to acts of terrorism.

  9. That description is the one put out by mass media. I personally do not think black people are mud people or any less than me based on skin color. However i do feel white aryan people are descended from the israelites which were fair and ruddy meaning white skin with red tones. It doesn’t mean that i hate other races. I hate evil and that my friend comes in all colors. And just as with any religion their are people who are extremist and tend to twist things around to justify acting stupid.aryan kindred members respect all races and feel god has a special design and place for all people of all colors and backgrounds. I do feel jews are the children of satan that statement i agree with. But actually the description you gave above about christian identity was published in the encyclopedia britannica which was a branch company owned by jews. I have friends whom are black, white , asian and all in between. I have friends whom are muslim, nation of islam, and even friends of black gangs such as bloods, crips and gangster disciples. So before you try to twist a religion you don’t understand go straight to the source of a devoted follower of the faith.
    If you have further questions you can reach me at aryankindredheadquarters@gmail.com

  10. But had i known my one comment would have turned into a religious debate i would have just refrained from posting. The topic i thought was about officer durham of the walker county gang task force misusing his authority by telling people of all faiths different from his that they are wrong and going to hell. That my friend is wrong, only god has a right to judge us as individuals not some half wit uneducated back woods hick claiming to save the city of lafayette from all of the gang violence that he feels plagues our small city. I for one think its a joke and always will. This post i thought was about people being done wrong not about religious debate. I feel that the people of walker county should know what their tax dollars are being spent on.

  11. I started this post and i can tell you straight out that i am not any aryan nothing. I am nation of islam and very devoted to my way of life.just because i went to jail doesnt mean my religion failed me but it means i failed my religion. The creator will judge me for that and by the way i feel that allah was a black man and the black race is the chosen race so are you going to tell me i am wrong. I dont agree with aryan beliefs but i respect the fact that they stand behind their beliefs whether i feel they are right or wrong. I follow the teachings of w.d fard so look that up and tell me i am wrong. You people of lafayette are so quick to judge. Hypocrites all of you. If a person dont belong to the popular churches in the area then they are considered wrong.as a black man i wouldnt step foot in any church in lafayette as they are all hypocrites. I pray for you all.

  12. Strange how LU has a way of only allowing some of my post. The above definition of christian identity is from the encyclopedia britannica which is a jewish owned company actually. I do not think black people are mud people or any less than myself based on skin color. I feel that yahweh god has a special purpose for all races. I do believe that white aryan people are the chosen race and jews are the literal bloodline of satan. But you cant tell me i am wrong just as i would never tell another person they were wrong for their beliefs. This post is about an officer misusing his authority and that is why i joined the conversation , not to debate my beliefs. Every religion has extremist that twist beliefs to justify violence and stupidity. Aryan kindred members respect all races and feel god judges a man by his works not by his skin color.

  13. Mac: Our commenting system accepts new posts from people who have had posts approved in the past. When you post with the same name but a different e-mail, it doesn’t recognize you as being the same person. If you always post with the same name and e-mail, it won’t filter you out. Notice your other posts are now visible.

    — LU

  14. My mistake LU. Thanks for the explination.

  15. Well, either you adhere to the beliefs of the “Christian Identity” or you don’t. If you proclaim to be of that “faith” like you did, then you accept the Church Doctrine, which includes “Mud People” and a lot of other stuff that I’ve never read in my Bible.

    If you deny the Church Doctrine (which you’ve just done), then you’re not of the faith. If I were you, I would run as fast as I can from that so-called “church”. I don’t think God is too pleased with the re-writing of His intentions to suit the hate-mongers.

    You simply can’t have it both ways.

  16. Their are different sects of the christian identity faith. I never once denied it. I do not call black people mud people thats all i said. I agree with my faith whole heartedly. I posted my e mail if you would like more information. But don’t get the post twisted i am 100% christian identity. I believe the white aryan race is yahweh gods chosen race and the only race of people to fit the marks and predictions of the israelites in bible prophecy. Am i so bad because i feel my race is superior i most ways. That doesn’t mean that i am a hate filled racist. God made superior creatures in all aspects of the earth for example the lion being the king of the jungle.. Does that make you hate lions and make it wrong. I do feel the white race is the superior chosen race of god. But that doesn’t mean i hate other races as i said god has a special place for all of his creations. And when reading about my doctrine do a bit more research and you will see we have many different branches all with the same main beliefs but some have different views on certain issues just as with most religions. I am very proud of who i am. You can see me walking through stores in lafayette with my black steel toe boots and red laces most every day and at times with a swastika shirt to match. I don’t hide who i am or what i believe. So if i came across that way please excuse my poor choice of words.just because i don’t call black people mud people doesn’t mean i reject my religion at all

  17. Also most main stream christian preachers cant tell you anything beyond the king james version of the bible. Each author of each story in the bible had a life and their are many documents and historical records for us to research that teach us about the writers of our bible including first hand descriptions meaning what they looked like and other things they did outside of being inspired to write the bible. When studying your bible i would suggest that you invest on a good concordance to help you understand the many mistranslations contained within the bible after it was coverted from hebrew. God doesnt want us to just open a bible and base our beliefs in things we dont truly understand. He wants us to find the truth and correct the mistakes made by man. Your average baptist preacher cant even tell you without looking the names ofmthe twelve original tribes but yet people beleive everything this man says as the gospel. Dont be lazy sitting back believing some half educated so called man of god. Fill your spare time with researching the original hebrew and the historical records available for the twelve tribes of israel then come tell me my religion is wrong. I will sit down and openly debate any preacher in lafayette and never be proven wrong and have done this many times. So dont think just by reading a small paragraph that you can even start to grasp the depth or even the basics of my faith.

  18. With all of this i simply ask that for more discussion you e mail me and i will gladly discuss my views with you as the person that started this post didnt intend for it to be about me and my beliefs. This post is about a gang task force officer abusing his authority and mistreating inmates and regardless of what religion a man chooses to follow he shouldn’t be told he is wrong and verbally abused by a man whom is payed by the taxpayers of walker county. Officer durham along with the rest of law enforcement need to realize that they are civil servants paid by the public to do a job, not to criticize a mans religion or beliefs. So my opinion is they should write their tickets and respect the fact that without the public they would have no pay check! Officer durham show some common respect to all races,religions and people of all walks of life. You aren’t anything special and your badge just doesn’t make you the ultimate authority. Do your job and go home its that simple. Stop harassing inmates.

  19. One day you WILL stand before the Creator God … trembling in your jackboots.

    I don’t think He will be pleased.

    auf wiedersehen

  20. One day i will be standing before my god proud of the fact that i have led so many white aryan people to the almighty yahweh god. I had the courage to teach people that god did not intend for races to mix and never bent on my beliefs.i am a warrior for god,family and race.

  21. Funny how you use the “lillte g” when you refer to your God. The “little g” god is the god ot this world … all false gods, including the top dog, better known as satan are “little g” gods. Look it up in your concordance.

    auf wiedersehen

  22. My gods name is Yahweh the god you speak of is merely a man made title. I know my beliefs and dont need some hick to try and twist my words. If your baptist preacher tells you that the jews are gods chosen race above all other races you just accept that and its not racist. If i merely state that i believe the white aryan race to be GODs cosen race notice i used a capital then i am called racist. Then so be it i am aryan kindred and proud of it. As i said when you are out in town look down for black steel toe boots with red laces thats us. Feel free to step to me in person anytime to discuss our beliefs but really this post isnt about me or my beliefs. So if you have comments or questions or even cowardly remarks that are so easy to make from behind a computer screen then just email me or see me in person as i love meeting new people daily to discuss my beliefs. I am sorry to the person that posted here as we have taken over their post.

  23. Well, that fool Hitler couldn’t establish a superior race, even after murdering millions of innocent people. I’m absolutely certain that you & the “aryan kindred” will go the way of the dinosaurs as well.

    Funny thing about the Creator God … He always gets His way.

    Heil Hitler

  24. Hitler murdered jews. Personally i wish he would have got them all. However i dont follow hitler nor his perfect race. I follow Yahweh GOD and the white race is the chosen race. Everybody knows who i am in lafayette instead of talking behind the screen just look me up nd i can explain it to you in person. LU is really a one sided place for example they still have a post up saying i was arrested in june for distributing cocaine when in actuallity i spent a week in jail for a probation violation. So they really just post whatever falseified information they are told to put up by their brave leader les coffee. But to you average joe its not worth going back and forth.i feel you are a coward and weak as i have asked you to contact me direct instead of these silly remarks you make behind a screen. Typical cowardly tactics. I display who i am very proudly. You hide behind a screen. Enough said .

  25. ’nuff said, indeed..

  26. I dont think enough has been said! If people are told that the jews are gods chosen people they whole heartedly accept that lie. If i simply tell people i can show proof that the white aryan race are God’s chosen people then i am automatically called racist. If i say i am pro white or that i dont believe in race mixing and can show in the bible where god gives wanrings against race mixing as well as homosexuality then i am called racist!!!! Why do groups like the NAACP or the new black panther party get away with being po black and its perfectly acceted??? This is one man that is proud to be white and doesnt believe in race mixing. I dont just hate because of skin color. But i do no god created superior and inferior in all of his creations. He created leaders as well as followers and is a God of perfect order! If thats racist then i stand accused!

  27. Lol …

  28. I will never understand, for the life of me, why people would hate Jewish people so much. Why more than any other race? What have they done that is so different than other peoples that would warrant someone wanting their entire race eliminated from the Earth? And how can someone who believes in God, and believes that He is the God of creation of all people decide that some of His people are better or worse than others, especially if they believe we all came from one family of people. It makes little sense any way you look at it.

  29. Just to let you know, all Aryan people suck as much as every other race of people because we all suck equally and we all share the same ancient heritage….time to get over that…

  30. Your just scared to accept and search out the hidden heritage of the aryan race. The jews have been evil from the start this was evident when they pushed the romans to crucify our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I speak in my real name and people know what i am and i never hide my beliefs as they come from God. Can you honestly tell me that I am wrong? Can you tell anybody their faith is wrong just because you disagree? Only God can judge and i spend hours ipon hours studying about my God and my White Aryan Race while most of you sit around drinking beer and gossiping watching t.v. My guys train their mind , bodies and spirits every day we become stronger. We are Gods chosen race and to tell me I am wrong is pure stupidity. My name is mac waters and i wear my steel toe boot with red blood laces most everywhere i go anytime you see me out in wal mart or town i would be glad to discuss my beliefs with you but in an adult manner. I give respect until i am disrespected then at that point I will run through you like you never existed. I am Aryan and fear nothing on this earth especially not man. I stay ready for battle each and every day just as all of my men do. Its easy for you uneducated hicks to come on here and voice your made up opinions but to the ones that are so opinionated and want to talk stupid about my beliefs come do it in oerson you weak cowards!!! I dare you. http://Www.aryankindred.com thats us my friends!

  31. Shut up fool …

  32. Make me shut up. You know my real identity. Easy to find. You hide behind a screen.

  33. So, ARYAN KINDRED FOR LIFE…. I am an AK 3 Star General.
    We are out DAILY in Lafayette with our red laces and steel toes. With a lot to say to this town. So come on up to us any time.

    This WAS a conversation about Officer Durham. This town is damn asinine.

    Heil Hitler. Lacey Craig Waters

  34. http://Www.Aryankindred.com
    We are a proud people not scared and having to hide behind computer screens with fake names like so many of you Lafayette cowards do. Look at your town people at all of the race mixing its sad. Look at your soon to be mayor lovelady who simply came to town and opened a couple of overpriced eating establishments and now he will get mayor as you stupid hicks follow because he has a little money. Why didnt he open some drug rehabs or homeless shelters to help our youth learn that their is a better way than the local trade meth!!!! Lovelady you havent helped lafayette with nothing but getting fatter off of tour food while our crooked judges hand down ridiculous sentences 10 years plus for drugs to our white youth and ruin their lives. You people make me sick. Aryan kindred does not back nobody that works for the city of lafayette as tou are all hypocrites and cowards. Let michael Lovelady con you into making him mayor with his crappy food as thats all i see him doing. I dont hide behind a made up name look me up if you dont like what i say.

  35. http://Www.Aryankindred.com white people come learn the truth of your hidden history and your true places in the bible. You are Yahweh God’s chosen Aryan people and your history has been stolen from you and given to those stinking jews!!!! This is the south people start acting like it and stop being cowards and race traitors!!! Stop letting your children listen to jungle rap music and your daughters lay with the beast of the field( african americans) its time to unite and put some morals and values back into our state as well as the entire country.
    Four Star General
    Mac waters AK for life


    We welcome anyone to visit our site and see what we are truly about. We are simply spreading the word of Yahweh God. My husband Mac is an ordained minister and I personally lead the Women’s group. I just wanted to extend an invite to our page. If you would like to request any religious material please email us. Yahweh Bless.

  37. http://Www.aryankindred.net
    We are adding more photos and pictures of our members daily which by the way has surpassed the 1000 member mark. We help white families in need as well as run a prison ministry that helps people coming out of prison get on their feet and get jobs,clothing,housing etc…. We educate our race daily and we don’t push our beliefs on others. But we don’t let morons talk down to us like the very first lafayette underground post about the AK organization in which all of our comments were deleted. Well now Les and all of lafayette you know who we are and you can see pictures of our christian families and we only have around a third of the page finished so much more to come. I am open for debate with any so called preacher or bible scholar or just plain hick wanting to act like a tough guy hiding behind a screen. So now if you have interest in AK or you simply want to know more just read books from our website. It is true everyone has a right to their own beliefs but the sad part is white christians extend their hands to muslims over a group like ours dedicated to teaching the history of the Aryan race and Aryan is a very old world that did not start with hitler as L,U said. Do we have murderers in our organization the answer is yes and they are in prison paying for their sins ,we show them a better way. But we do not take crap from anyone period we have our religion and our organization and if someone comes at us with violence we act swiftly and harshly to set examples as we don’t play the name calling games nor the gossip games as it seems most of the people writing and running L.U do. You know our real names at least the ones on your town and what we look like so now what we walk in your stores wearing steel toe boots with red laces and on cold days our leather jackets with our patch on back which does have a swastika on it and thus far nobody has disrespected us but be aware if and when it happens we will fight back with everything that we have as we do not turn the other cheek. Jesus said he didn’t come to bring peace but came with a sword and he was put on this earth to help Yahweh God clear out the evil deeds being acted out by mankind. Jesus was not some weakling as so many preachers make him out to be. Most preachers know the mistranslations of the bible from front to back but hardly know God at all and the more money you throw in the collection plates the more spirit of God they seem to have. A.K is self sufficient and doesn’t need hand outs from others we purchase and print all of our reading materials,web site hosting and our prison ministry all on our own. Most so called christians go to church on sunday and wednesday and act as heathens the rest of the week.
    AK for life

  38. You and Lacey have lost your minds. I never would have thought she’d end up like this.

  39. Ended up financially secure??? Educated with accredited degrees??? True Christians that actually help the needy instead of putting them down??? http://Www.aryankindred.com plenty of book links for you to read on there savana , as if you are white you need to know the truth so when you say ended up like this well we have our own business which is doing super, house and land paid for, car paid for and a good savings as well as 1000 members in the Aryan Kindred church of Yahweh, you are actually not doing as well as lacey and I as we have a great relationship with Yahweh God as well. So don’t come on here with negative cowardly comments as we have a very fine life and are living it to the fullest!! While people like you sit at home and watch reruns on television and only wish to achieve what we gain daily thanks given to Yahweh God as he has provided for us.
    A.K for life

  40. And by the way Savana her name is Lacey Waters care to put up your real name. She didn’t end up successful but rather she has earned every degree and every thing that we own in this lifetime but more importantly she has a wonderful relationship with Yahweh God. I am only here until my parole is done which is soon then back to the big city where people do not inbreed and the whole town doesn’t smell like cow shit. It’s funny the so called upper class of your hick little town of Lafayette would barely make lower middle class in bigger cities in which I choose to spend my time which by the way is with Lacey. So when you say ended up like this I often wonder what you mean. She doesn’t believe in race mixing and believes the white Aryan race is Yahweh God’s true chosen race instead of the jews so what makes her so wrong? The fact is by you saying ended up like that you are stereotyping and actually means that you believe the opposite which means you agree in race mixing, rap music, black on white crime being on the rise and just by saying “I am proud to be white” I am called racist!! So either learn what we are about or put your real name up so we can explain in person up close and personal as we educate white people every day. Guess what in 15 years I haven’t had one minister or man of God from another religion prove me wrong and I have debated some of the best so I must be learning all of the correct teachings of Father Yahweh God to his children! My name is Mac Waters and I am Lacey’s husband and it honestly offends me when a person from Lafayette says something as to put my wife or myself down as Lafayette backs integration, race mixing, and half of your youth have no teeth due to the meth mommy and daddy cook up to pay the bills!!! So before you cast stones be prepared to use your real name and we don’t cast stones we drop boulders so what shall you say now mrs. SAVANA???????

  41. Just to give everyone an update on Mac lol. Google his name. Dude got arrested with that Lacey chick for running an international drug smuggling ring.

  42. I saw that. I am not from Lafayette either lol. Also, Lacey was sleeping with a black dude the year before she met Mac sooooo. Have fun in prison ya’ll!

  43. I can honestly say, the hatred and ignorance I have seen is incredible. Even a year later, the previous comments made are slightly sickening. I can say, I am truly ashamed to share blood with this “man of god”.