LaFayette Christmas Parade Firetruck

This week the world briefly slows as we take time to commemorate Christmas. For most, a time of celebrating over Jesus’ birth; God becomes a man, born as an impoverished child destined to die for the crimes of others despite His own perfection, thus paving the way for restore relationship between Creator and creation.

Even if you don’t accept the Christian aspects of Christmas, you hopefully have an opportunity to relax and spend time with friends or family.

This week LU will be spending time with loved ones, so there will be no Daily Update until Thursday. A few items of interest will be posted throughout the week on LU Facebook.

As in past years, readers who appreciate the service provided here are asked to show their support by giving back to the community. The Care Mission, Four Points, and Kids 4 Christ are legitimate local charities that can use your time and money all year long. Our woefully underfunded local libraries are also in need of support.

Thanks to all who read the LaFayette Underground both here and on Facebook or Twitter – even those of you who don’t admit it. Have a Merry Christmas filled with peace and love.

2012 LaFayette Christmas Parade

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