Murder Suspect Joshua Fowler

Saturday night 75-year-old Joyce Ann Fowler was found deceased, apparently murdered, in her Chickamauga home. Early Sunday her grandson Joshua, of LaFayette, was arrested for parole violation – and is considered a suspect in the killing.   Tiny Facebook

Here’s how a county employee and member of the Commissioner’s inner circle responds to citizen concerns about raising property taxes:

James Alfred Jones on Tax Increase

Mr. Jones is currently working at Mountain Cove Farms as an “event planner” because the Commissioner’s granddaughter, who normally holds that position, is out on maternity leave. Mr. Jones also was responsible for financial records of the county-funded campaign to renew SPLOST last year.

In addition to those career highlights, he’s an owner of Jones Lake Par 3 Golf Course in Rock Spring and a professional a**clown. He’s behind some of the anti-LU pages that have popped up and died in recent months – and seems to think he speaks for Commisioner Heiskell. (He likely does.)   Tiny Facebook

Summerville Taco Bell

A Summerville Taco Bell employee took counterfeit money from a customer, who was also her boyfriend. Resulting investigation (and her freaking out) led to the boyfriend being arrested on drug charges.   Tiny Facebook

In spite of lip service to the contrary from state leaders, most of whom falsely claim to be conservatives, Georgia is ranked among the best in the US for implementing Common Core standards in public schools.

If you’re concerned about Common Core and federal involvement with “local” schools, you should spend Spring Break week researching alternatives. Unfortunately Walker County has little to offer outside of the status quo, homeschool, and Oakwood Christian Academy.

Many parents and teachers are individually opposed to Common Core, but organized school groups (using tax dollars), the state Chamber of Commerce (using a mix of tax dollars and private funds), tax-funded public TV/radio, and a handful of Fortune 500 businesses have all united to keep the standards in place – which is why Georgia will never move away from the rules.

Or until a new set of them is handed down in a few years..   Tiny Facebook

Rossville business owner, fake philanthropist, and all-around Good Christian Man™ Carrey Brown is being sued (or his businesses are anyway) for sending spam text messages advertising payday loans.

Brown says all the texts were sent by some guy in Ohio and have nothing to do with his mostly-defunct companies even though the texts advertised services Brown’s predatory businesses provided.

Happy Motors Rossville

Brown still owns a lot of property and businesses/shell companies in Walker County, and served on the A+ Women’s Center board until he put it out of business. He’s most known, however, as the owner of the screaming chicken place in Rossville.   Tiny Facebook

Walker County Road Barn spelling fail:

Misspelled Sign Cornith Rd

42-year-old Summerville man arrested for trying to sex up a girl age 10 on Facebook.   Tiny Facebook

GNTC’s nursing program recently welcomed a group of gifted students from Rock Spring Elementary.   Tiny Facebook

In 2013, Georgia passed Louisiana to become the most popular state (outside NY and CA) for TV production, with nearly $1 billion spent.

Georgia TV & Movie Productions Map

GA is convenient because of the Atlanta airport, has more infrastructure/trained people, and the state’s tax incentive package for TV and film companies is more attractive than anyone else’s.

Critics say Georgia doesn’t regulate production safety and doesn’t properly audit tax claims – something that doesn’t surprise anyone who pays close attention to how Georgia normally operates.   Tiny Facebook

Three years ago this week, LU broke down numbers from the 2010 census and took a look at growth in Walker County and its communities.

Some interesting figures in here.   Tiny Facebook

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