Mike Culberson is the only Walker Schools principal who wasn’t rehired for next fall, but that doesn’t mean all the other schools will avoid leadership changes over the summer.

Someone, likely a principal from a lower school, will have to step up and fill the empty principal’s office at LaFayette High. The school system is taking applications internally, and will probably end up with a current elementary or middle school leader taking over LHS. (That person’s job will then also have to be filled.)

Ridgeland’s Assistant Principal is retiring, so that job is also open – meaning the system has to find a head principal for one high school and an assistant for another by the beginning of July.

The only candidate LU has heard about potentially going to LHS is current Gilbert principal Matt Harris [photo, left], but there will certainly be others interested and applying for the job.

Who would you like to see (or maybe NOT see) promoted to head Rambler? Or should the school system give preference to an outsider?   Tiny Facebook

Long-time Walker County CERT director Mary Perry has lost her battle with cancer.

Ms. Perry passed away Saturday, age 55.

Her services will be held Tuesday evening at Wilson’s in Chickamauga.

CERT is the “Community Emergency Response Team” – volunteers trained to assist county officials in emergency situations. The director of that group has always been a volunteer; Mary Perry’s replacement (likely a firefighter or emergency management employee) will be chosen by Fire Chief and EMA director Blake Hodge.   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook

Chattooga’s Jay Shropshire recently participated in The “2017 American Family Insurance High School Slam Dunk Championship.” The competition was filmed some time back but aired Sunday (recorded) on CBS/Channel 12.

Shropshire reportedly scored a 32 in both rounds, but did not come out on top.

Here’s his “monster dunk” from the contest.   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook

Sources within Walker County government say road barn manager Jeff Long is on his way out.

Long, a Catoosa County commissioner, was hired by Bebe Heiskell in October 2015 to neglect county roads, which he’s done quite well. His last day will be April 5th, this Wednesday.

It’s suggested that Mr. Long decided on his own to leave, he was not cut by Commissioner Whitfield. No reasons known to us for why he’s quit the job after only seventeen months.   Tiny Facebook

GA Secretary of State Brian Kemp, the incompetent boob whose office accidentally released personal info on millions of voters in 2015, has declared himself the first official candidate for Georgia governor in 2018.

Anyone who’s attempted to obtain or renew a professional license through the state, or simply used the SOS Web site since he took over should realize how terrible he is. Kemp has also actively defended the state’s outdated and oppressive ballot access rules that keep independent candidates from being able to run for office.

Now that Kemp’s thrown his hat into the ring, a number of other high profile state leaders will announce in the next few weeks their own plans to run.

Unfortunately there’s nobody with state-wide name recognition and political connections who can win the 2018 governor’s race who ISN’T pretty terrible.   Tiny Facebook

How will Roper’s new owners in China run the business long-term?

According to this, they won’t. The leadership of Chinese-based Haier Group say they take a hands-off approach with their businesses around the world and will let Roper-owner GE Appliances’ leaders do what they were doing all along with no interference.

The company also says they don’t intend to move any production overseas or across the border because having plants in most major countries is their strategy to avoid import tariffs.   Tiny Facebook

Saturday in Rock Spring…

TVRM Southern 4501 in Rock Spring

Earlier in Rock Spring…

Posted by The LaFayette Underground on Saturday, April 1, 2017

[Credit Lucas Hoffmann]

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s Southern 4501 charged from Chattanooga to Summerville and back as part of an event at the city’s depot.

The next Summerville Turn steam trip will be in late May.   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook

So you want to be an actor?

Back Alley Productions is holding auditions this week for an upcoming play.

Try-outs for the June show “It’s a Disaster” are 6:30 to 8:30 Monday [today] and Tuesday night.

This could be your big break.
Or that chance to make a fool of yourself in front of others.

But hey we only live once..   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook

Saturday morning at Chickamauga Battlefield…   Tiny Facebook

After months of political in-fighting, Georgia’s Parent-Teacher Association is at risk of losing its charter from the National PTA.

The glorified lobbying group has until late September to fix issues of transparency, finances, and leadership or may be dissolved. Until then, it’s on “probation” and blocked from participating in (or benefitting from) the national group.

If the Georgia PTA is dissolved, maybe a truly parent-driven and parent-focused group will take its place..   Tiny Facebook

More semi-affordable educational options for local students.

UT Chattanooga plans to offer regional tuition rates to first- and second-year students from NWGA.   Tiny Facebook

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