Yesterday health inspectors visited Chattanooga Street Tavern for the establishment’s first full inspection since being taken over by “new” owners.

..and gave it one of the worst local scores seen in years: a 60.

Chattanooga St. Tavern BBQ

Since changing hands early this year, the Tavern’s food has at least looked better than it did in the “asparagus hamburger” days of Mike and Gary Lovelady. Unfortunately looks aren’t everything – this week’s awful score is the West LaFayette restaurant’s worst ever.

The Tavern was cited for, among other things, having moldy cheese and expired food, a reach-in cooler not working, open containers in storage, a hand washing sink that doesn’t work, not having a manager on hand with working knowledge of food safety, doors left open with insects coming in, and a cat being fed in the patio dining area.

The “U” grade means they’ll be inspected again within a few weeks.

Other Health Scores:

Second worst score this month, an 80, was given to Shepherd Hills nursing home. The medical center was cited for dented cans, rodents, employees eating in kitchen and using phone while handling food, personal food/medicine and patient food stored together, employees with long nails not using gloves.

No. 1 Chinese, scoring 83, cited for personal food stored with restaurant food, food kept at improper temperatures, and cleaning issues.

Hardee’s got an 88, dinged for meat not kept warm enough and cleaning issues.

Subway at Walmart was dinged with an 89 for hot and warm foods not kept at proper temperatures.

Taco Bell: 90
Charlie’s Cafe: 91
Wanda’s: 92
Roper Food Service: 92
McDonald’s LaFayette: 94
Ivy Cottage: 95
Walker County Jail: 97
Majestic Manor Assisted Living: 98

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