Rock Creek Environmental Damage November 14 2014

A follow-up report from Times Free Press refutes every single thing Commissioner Heiskell told WQCH news last week, regarding the county’s pending environmental fines.

    “EPD officials, meanwhile, say Heiskell is lying.”

This is the second time in a month Chattanooga reporters have caught Heiskell in an outright bold-face lie. Liar, liar, tacky wig on fire.

But since we have a Sole Commissioner form of government, she can still move right on ahead with her plans.. What’s anybody going to do about it?   Tiny Facebook

Sam & Theresa ParkerFormer LPD officer Sam Parker’s murder conviction appeal has been rejected by the Georgia Supreme Court.

Parker, as we all know, killed his 911 dispatcher wife Theresa after years of abusing her (and two previous wives) in 2007. The law enforcement community stood behind Sam, because of his status as police, ignoring drunken, irresponsible, abusive behavior for years until Theresa disappeared and his guilt was overwhelming.

Parker was initially convicted in 2009 even though his presumably dead’s wife had not been found. A year later her remains were discovered on a creek bank near Sam’s childhood home in Chattooga County. He’s still in prison, she’s still dead, and neither of those will change any time soon.   Tiny Facebook

A quiet Sunday night in Walker County was disrupted by two accidents that backed up traffic for miles in LaFayette and Naomi.

Hwy 136/151 Wreck November 16

At the intersection of highways 151 and 136 in Naomi, at the base of Taylor’s Ridge, a Chevrolet Cavalier crossed the center line and struck an oncoming chicken truck. The car’s driver was injured, and traffic disrupted for over an hour.

Another accident around the same time near First Volunteer Bank on North Main / North 27 involved a pedestrian struck by a car. Man hit, who was jaywalking, sustained minor injuries. Driver was cited for not having insurance.   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook

LU’s Sole Commissioner Vote petition closed on Tuesday. Anyone who has an offline petition sheet is asked to please turn it in this week, either via e-mailing a scan directly to LU or meeting someone to drop it off. If you have a petition sheet and haven’t submitted it, drop LU a message for further instructions.

Door to Door Petition Gathering

With the sheets collected so far, along with the online petition, there are between 2,100 and 2,200 signatures on the letter.   Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook  Tiny Facebook

LaFayette is losing two “Vintage” shops this month: Daddy and Me Vintage and Heirlooms Vintage Boutique are both closing their stores in town. Heirlooms will keep a booth in Ringgold.   Tiny Facebook

Ridgeland football coach Mark Mariakis has resigned after leading the Panthers for 11 years.

Prayer On Field at Ridgeland

Seven of Mariakis’ seasons had winning records, including four regional championships and one state championship game. Mariakis successfully battled cancer, atheists, and Ramblers – but feels God is calling him to move on following the team’s last two mediocre seasons.   Tiny Facebook

Today Georgia is conducting a drill, practicing state response to winter weather. Snow removal vehicles will be out and about around the state pretending to clear roads.

Based on past responses to real snow, that means GDOT will be pretending to clear snow in Walker County on Thursday and they’ll hold the drill in Dade sometime in mid-December.   Tiny Facebook

The city is asking for state money to (re)build a walking trail in West LaFayette between the old high school and the Housing Authority, running along the railroad tracks and through the depot park.

Caboose Park Walking Trail Bridge

Trail was mostly built before, by the Rotary Club, but deteriorated due to poor city maintenance under former leadership. (Article says it was damaged in the 2009 floods but was already unusable before that disaster.)

If LPD doesn’t patrol the trail aggressively, the completed project will be LaFayette’s Homeless Highway.   Tiny Facebook

Blogs, web sites, and social media empower YOU to seek out information and support those who serve the interests of individuals, not advertisers or politicians.

Corporate Media Feeding Frenzy

But without an editor to screen everything, that gives you a responsibility to decide what’s true and false.. Some people don’t do well with that.

(True network neutrality is necessary to keep independent voices like LU from being silenced. This is one area, at least, where the current president’s stated position is the better one…)   Tiny Facebook

Did you know there are still living children of Civil War soldiers? At least 35 very elderly people born to former soldiers who were themselves very elderly when they bore children.   Tiny Facebook

Winn-Dixie Bi-Lo Logo

If you have a new iPhone, good news: Bi-Lo has reportedly started supporting ApplePay purchases in its stores. No more fooling with cards at the register.   Tiny Facebook

Georgia requires aircraft designers to be state-licensed engineers, but doesn’t currently offer a licensing program FOR aerospace engineers.

That forces designers working for Gulfstream, Delta, and Lockheed to take classes in engineering topics like concrete and soil erosion to get their legally-mandated licenses.   Tiny Facebook

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