Ronald Cabero, Democrat candidate for Walker County School Board, passed away late Monday or early Tuesday. Prayer and sympathy go out to his family. No word yet on arrangements.

Walker County Democratic Party failed to submit a new candidate by 4:30 PM Wednesday, meaning there will be no D candidate for School Board Post 4 in November. Cabero will still be on the November ballot but votes for him won’t count, making Republican Dale Wilson the inevitable winner.

Tonight at 7 come meet Write-In Commissioner Candidate Ales Campbell at the Shaw medical office. Don’t believe the rumors – come ask Ales in person, see what she’s made out of and what she plans to do. Campaign material and signs should also be available afterwards.

Also today, free dental screenings at Second Baptist Church, 2-5 PM. For anyone age 10 and older. If you need work done, they’ll set up appointments for you on Friday or Saturday.

The latest on Walker County’s new elementary and middle school. The system says they’re on schedule to have the 115,000 square foot facility open next fall.

Meanwhile in Chickamauga, Chickamauga Schools superintendent Melody Day has resigned/retired, effective last Friday. She’s temporarily replaced by the system’s special-ed director. Day quit to take advantage of benefits in her retirement package that won’t be available after this year.

About sixty Ice House / Twice The Ice machines have been robbed in TN, FL, AL, and Georgia during the last month. No word if the local outlet was hit. Two suspects have been arrested and the company removed specific location details from its Web site to reduce future thefts.

Apparently it’s a big deal that the Boy’s Locker Room at LaFayette Middle School is a “Nut Free Zone.” Of all the stuff that could be discussed in a blog, this is highest priority.

PeachPundit has discussed the Sole Commissioner issue one time in the last five years, hasn’t mentioned our write-in candidate for commissioner, and has ignored every single problem with the sheriff.. But Nathan (PeachPundit contributor and chair of Walker County GOP) thinks this is cute, or something.

The federal gov’t has given GA a two-week waiver on summer environmental standards for fuel to keep prices from staying high as a result of the hurricane. Maybe that plus the end of summer travel season will make the price drop further away from $4/gallon.

Lowest gas in town as-of last night: $3.54 at Murphy and $3.56 at the Exxon across the street.

Despite having a voter ID law considered one of the country’s strictest, minority voter participation in Georgia during the last six years has soared.

Authorities expect a record high number of West Nile Virus cases this summer. Here’s some info about the disease, the mosquito that spreads it, and how to limit your risk.

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