The LaFayette Taco Bell caught fire this afternoon. Minimal damage done, appears to be the results of a cigarette in a garbage can. The store was smoked up so they’ll probably be closed the next few days to clean up smoke damage; the fire will also require a visit from the health inspector before the Bell can reopen.

No word yet when the city will apply for a FEMA grant to cover repairs.

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  1. Figures. The one smoker who puts the butt in the trash forgets to extinguish it first!

  2. Go report on some real news

  3. I guess Taco Bell goes under WoW fire safety?

  4. Little fire at Taco Bell and The LU is all over it, but guns on school busses? Where is the blog post on that?

  5. Or stabbing of teachers….the newspaper covered those things…nothing much to be said. Not everything has to be totally serious and involved. Some people have jobs and lives that they have to work around to put a blog for people to complain about.

  6. This is the best taco bell in america!!!!!

  7. Walker county had teachers stabbed. And guns on buses? When did that happen? Didn’t hear about that

  8. Rachel, it happened in May 2010.

    “A 14-year-old LaFayette Middle School student pulled out a firearm and dry-fired it at another student over a Twinkie on a bus ride home last week. According to LaFayette Police Fire and Safety director chief Tommy Freeman,: On April 28, at around 3 p.m., a student threw a Twinkie at another student, who in return pulled out a .44-caliber revolver and dry-fired it at the student. The 14-year-old was taken into custody and released to his parents. A hearing will be held May 14.”


    The teacher stabbing wasn’t ever in the news but as I recall it was a mentally unstable student at Gilbert who went after a teacher with a knife or fork from the teacher’s lounge.

    — LU