Job Fair Line in LaFayette

Traffic through downtown LaFayette was briefly brought to a standstill Friday morning as hundreds of people lined up in front of the Walker County Messenger office and around the block towards Kentucky Fried Chicken. With no parades and no special giveaways at KFC in sight, we quickly investigated and found the cause for all this commotion: a jobs fair-turned-circus at the Bank of LaFayette Community Room. The jobs fair was reportedly sponsored by Roper, all to fill ten open positions there even as other local manufacturers are rumored to be preparing for layoffs.

This isn’t quite a depression-era job line (LU photos were taken after much of the crowd had dissipated), but it’s obvious that the people of LaFayette still care and still greatly depend on Roper even if the city’s leadership doesn’t.

Were you in line for a Roper job? Working for a place threatening to lay people off? Join the discussion below.

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  1. I went, but got there at about 11. No line at all.

    I was told they are filling 40 jobs, 20 part time, 20 full.

  2. Apparently they are telling everyone somthing different. They told my husband (who got there at 7am and there were already 7 people in line) they were only filling 10 right now and they were hanging on to the application as positions become available.

    My husband works for bluebird though. They had a plant wide meeting Thursday and told everyone that their “busy” season is less busy then it is now and thay are scheduled 15% full for August and only 2% full for September, which basically means if something drastic doesn’t change there are going to be some serious layoffs and shut downs. The cell leaders were advising all temps to go to the job fair. That’s how my husband heard about it.

  3. I think i would rather dig ditches !!

  4. Where can you get a job digging ditches? Ain’t no damn jobs, nowhere, not even digging dithces.

  5. The problem isn’t that they are no jobs; however, the jobs they do have they give to young kids instead of people with children that they are trying to raise. WTF is wrong with this picture you tell me?????????????????????