The Worst of Walker County will be announced pretty soon. We’re still taking votes via comments on the story, e-mail, and Facebook – if you want your voice heard then now’s the time to say something. The categories and rules are on the original Worst of Walker post, but feel free to suggest new categories or break the rules entirely if need be.

Sunday’s post regarding Theresa Parker brought a record number of visitors to the Underground site. Credit for that feat goes out to our new friends on the new LaFayette Underground Facebook page, many of whom joined through the “You Know You’re From LaFayette, GA when…” Facebook group. If you have Facebook (and really who doesn’t anymore?) we’d love to have you join both. The LU page will notify of any new posts here and will occasionally have news or links not used on the site.

There have been several lively discussions under the WoW and Theresa Parker posts, which is what we want – the Underground is an open forum that invites your thoughts and ideas, in a way that allows you to remain anonymous if you prefer. Thoughts and information previously undiscussed are being dug up and explored, with many participants being educated or having their paradigms shifted.

A few readers have suggested that we open the Underground site to everyone’s ideas and allow all of the community to write main posts. Those requests have been duly noted, but please remember that the point of this site is to focus on specific topics with one specific point of view, using detailed research and history to put things into perspective or bring new details to light. That’s why most posts are written by the same small group, to keep things on track. You’re always welcome to write something and send it in for consideration, and it might appear on the site (you might even become an Undergroundling), but we have no intention of throwing the doors wide open to everyone because that would result in losing focus. Suggestions and thoughts submitted in comments, via Facebook, or in e-mail are all considered and we have several future postings in the works that incorporate the ideas of many people.

Some have asked why the Underground comes off as such a.. negative site. Our intentions are not to be negative as much as to be honest, and to be honest much of what needs to be said is negative. We feel it’s more beneficial at the moment to highlight problems instead of duplicating the efforts of so many others wanting to fool you into seeing LaFayette as a place it no longer is (or possibly never was). We don’t do this out of hatred but out of a desire to see things improve, or at the very least not get any worse.

    “Open rebuke is better than secret love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” -Proverbs 27:5-6 [KJV]

Several readers have contacted us privately to say there are many in the community with a rather unhealthy interest in finding out who the Underground is. We hope these reports are untrue as we’ve done nothing illegal. The Underground has, so far, revealed information some prefer buried and stated some well-considered opinions, neither of which is illegal or immoral. Any official effort to find members of the Underground would just prove true what we’ve been saying all along about local corruption. Resorting to intimidation, threats, or other frankly illegal behavior just shows that what’s been posted here cannot be refuted through honest means.

Anyone who has a problem with the Underground is, of course, welcome to stop reading or (even better) reply to what’s been said. Prove us wrong without a doubt and we’ll take it back. If the Underground disturbs you, good – it’s supposed to. The truth hurts, and understanding the truth is the beginning of fixing what’s wrong.

Thanks for your readership and for recommending the site to others in the community.

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  1. Can I just say that I am very impressed with your .gif image? Because I am a nerd like that!

  2. We can talk all day about what is wrong in our community, but until someone stands up and try’s to make a chance then all we are doing is spinning our wheels. I think there are some great points and ideas on this website. So my suggestion is we make this the time we truly start to make a change. Have younger and more future mind people start to run for office in this town. We can make La Fayette better, but not stuck in the past.

  3. Okay, for positivity’s sake…who would you say deserves notice for what they are doing for the town? Someone who encourages growth, someone who actually stands for the citizens of the city? Lets try to choose one person every month to get some kind of recognition.

    The person in charge of the LU can’t show up at a meeting and remain anonymous because it would be kind of obvious if one person who has never been there shows up and has a lot to say…you can’t write some things without being anonymous and they have to stay that way, but that doesn’t mean that everybody else can’t get together and start showing up at meetings, start demanding things be done, start petitions, etc. Otherwise we are all just a lot of hot air. We either need to step up our support for the LU and give suggestions about what we’d like to see covered, or we need to start going out and trying to make a difference and reporting back what we’ve done. (I understand there are those of us who cannot be a front person because of certain positions we are in at work, in ministry, in prison, out of town, etc, but we can do other things).

    The LU doesn’t want to be all negative, they’ve tried to say that, but no matter what they say in criticism there are always going to be the people who say they are just too negative and they just want to complain, but they are also the people who are satisfied with the way it is because their kids aren’t the ones that have no place to play, their roads aren’t covered in pot holes and trash, their power bills aren’t almost to high to afford, they get off with their crimes and their mistakes because they know people who will help them get out of it, because they go to the right church or their family has been in town for a long time. They can things about the LU not saying who they are, but they come on and make some comments on the site and don’t say who they are, or they ignore it because they don’t have to deal with it because it isn’t big enough to do anything to them yet…well it will stay that way as long as everyone is all talk, and as long as everyone keeps hiding behind their computers, and they know that, and probably count on it. Support the LU by buying a bumper sticker, shirt, going to a meeting and telling them the LU sent you….

  4. the lafayette community needs a hero. someone to run off the meth labs and idiots who make meth in houses next to our grandparents, parents, children and grand children. the cops caint stop it so why aint we? until the meth goes the “under world of lafayette will not see light, nor shall we. the country has gone to crap, lets save what little piece of life we have left.

  5. Well the cops could try to stop them if they would or could go into the areas that the meth labs are built in. They could if that was really a priority of the departments. They know where the drug areas are, who the drug dealers are. I wonder how often they patrol up through those areas, and how often they drive through the streets meeting people, asking about their concerns, arresting people who they know are dealing drugs, the kids doing drugs out in the streets. I think that people are afraid to “tattle-tale” on their neighbors, but when your neighbor has little children in a house where you know people are going in and out all the time buying, selling drugs, it is time to not worry about minding your own business. Maybe it won’t do anything, maybe DFACS will leave the kids in the home, maybe they will just pack up and move to some other crappy place, but at least you’ve done your part. Bother the police, report drug activity, require follow-ups to calls. Do your own patrols in your neighborhood, your parent’s neighborhood, if you know there are problems. Everybody wants to talk about how cute and quaint LaFayette is, but it isn’t so cute and quaint in these areas of town where it is more like a big city then it is a cute little southern town.

  6. KTB:
    Some officers do try, they do go to those areas and get to know the neighbors, make friends with the kids, and keep an eye on who’s doing what. But the department as an institution, its leadership, some of its senior officers, don’t seem to be interested. It doesn’t matter how caring and interested the junior officers are if their superiors don’t make an effort to do anything about the problems. We need city leadership that will make cleaning crime out of the rougher neighborhoods a priority instead of an afterthought.

    — The LaFayette Underground

  7. I M little late to this discussion but I wanted to say I completely agree KTB! If I know where the drugs are and who has them I KNOW the police do as well. Fact is, the police often are the ones who have them all along. I know SEVERAL SEVERAL people who have smoked marjuana with police officers, or who have had police officers supply them with alcohol before they were of age. But what happens when you report those things? YOU get treated like dirt.

    I completely understand LU’s desire to remain anonymous. I am nervous posting this! I have known since a very young age, certain people run this town and if you wan to live here peacefully, you should make them angry. Sad but true.

    I just wanted tpo say that I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. The content is professional, well written and 100% truth.

    This past month our power bill was nearly 200 dollars over what it usually is, despite the fact that we were not home much at all. When I read the bill the first thing I thought of (after I picked my jaw up off the floor) was LU. Thank you for sharing the truth with us and helping everyone to see beneath the surface.