LaFayette High School homecoming parade tonight downtown beginning at 5:30. Traffic will be terrible south of Bi-Lo after 5 when the streets get blocked off between Margaret St and West Main. Parade should be over by 6:30 or 7.

LHS will play its homecoming football game against Dalton tomorrow night.

LaFayette Middle will also be having “homecoming” activities throughout the day today.

Also tonight: a 7 PM concert at the Civic Center to benefit Rossville Library. Overlapping with the parade in LaFayette may cut down on the number of people who attend, but it’s hard to find an open spot on the calendar when you plan a fundraiser with just 12 days notice.

Every – Single – Article about this mentions how much work Commissioner Bebe has put in to make the concert happen, but rarely do they mention she’s refused to cut back waste or pet projects from the county budget to keep the libraries open. It seems highly unlikely the concert will raise anything close to the $12,000 needed, but very likely a good bit of time during the concert (held less than three weeks away from election day) will be devoted to mentioning and thanking the Commissioner.

A new Web site dedicated to raising library funds has so far collected $2,300.

And a petition asking Bebe to fund the system by that amount has 154 signers.

Judy O’Neal, Bebe Heiskell, Steve Wilson, and Jeff Mullis don’t approve, but LU Facebook just crossed the 3,800 “Like” milestone. That’s 100 new people since last Thursday. Next week will also mark three years since the blog restarted. Thanks for all your support, even if we are terrible mudslingers nobody cares about or pays attention to.

So very many people in Walker County don’t care what’s said here or pay any mind those terrible people on the Underground… multiple times a day, seven days a week.

Be sure to read the LU Q&A with House District 1 candidates McMahan and Deffenbaugh. Guess who didn’t bother responding?

LaFayette residents actually can’t vote in this race, but it impacts all of Walker County because at least one of our state legislators has to sign off on a change in the form of county government. So if you want to ever have a commission instead of a queen, we’ve got to get the right man in HD1.

Another former county official writes in to support Bebe Heiskell. If you strip away support from government people who have benefitted from her for years, her family, and friends – does she have any real support left?

Is early voting a good thing? Do we still even need a set “election day” if half the people vote weeks ahead of time?

A year ago yesterday, LU blog was rolling out the goods on work-release prisoners drinking on the job, under the watchful eye of county employees. Was the man responsible punished? Of course not, Bebe doesn’t punish anyone for bad behavior.

Georgia’s voters overwhelmingly support a cap or ban on lobbyist gifts to state legislators, and it seems certain that something will be done next year to restrict them – but some bans are more effective than others. What do you want to bet the one they finally implement here is full of holes?

This treetop photo taken somewhere in Walker County was
shot by workers from Blevins & Son Tree Service.

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