The latest batch of local health scores includes another perfect inspection for a beloved local eatery.

Health Score / Bobs Brick Oven 100

Bob’s Brick Oven in Rock Spring got a 100 Friday during inspection – the relatively new restaurant’s fourth 100 in the last five health checks. (Their only imperfect score in the last two years was a 99 in March 2014.)

A 100 score is rare, two in a row even rarer – and four straight pretty much impossible.

Brick Oven’s focus on health matters, combined with a creative, quality menu has gotten the restaurant attention -and customers- from far outside of Walker County. An example to other local businesses (and government) how it’s done: You want people to come here, eat here, spend money here? Give them quality they can’t get elsewhere.

Other recent health scores:

The lowest score of the last few weeks is an 80, shared by two low-end chains: Subway downtown and Little Caesars.

Subway was dinged on June 2nd for an employee not washing/drying hands properly and multiple food items kept out of temperature.

On June 5th, Little Caesars was cited! cited! for EIGHT hot-n-ready problems, including uncovered food, employees not wearing hair covers, poor cleaning, and flies.

El Trio earned an 82 on June 16th, marked down for improper handwashing and food held at the wrong temperatures.

Yesterday Camp New Dawn got score of 84 with flies and employees not wearing gloves or beard nets.

Charlie’s Cafe dinged with an 86 for sloppy cleaning, wrong dates on prepared food, and produce exposed to raw meat.

And McDonald’s rounds out the eighties with an 87, keeping prepared vegetables out too long and minor insect issues.

Roper Food Service: 90
LaFayette Golf Course: 91
Pigeon Mountain Country Store / Grill: 91
Triangle Park: 91
Maryland’s Fried Chicken: 93
No. 1 Chinese: 96
Pie Slingers: 96
Pizza Hut: 96
Phibb’s Bar: 96
Ivy Cottage: 97
Los Guerrero’s: 97
Wee Care (at First Baptist): 97

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