During the next few weeks there are dozens of activities and events being held in and around LaFayette. Halloween festivities, sporting events, political meetings, election day, a library book sale, and a handful of November concerts – plenty to choose for young, old, and families. Check out the calendar below for the most complete local events listing.


This calendar is permanently available on the LU site at cityoflafayettega.com/calendar. You can add events to the calendar by e-mailing The LU or contacting us on Facebook.

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  1. “SCARE on the square” is Friday. Children are encouraged to wear haloween costumes, but not “scary ones”. Where did the wisdom behind that comment come from?

  2. Are you referring to them encouraging children to wear costumes or the part about the costumes not being “scary”? If it’s the latter I would say that the purpose is to discourage people from terrifying children (since this is an activity for children). Normally children’s costumes aren’t made all that scary, so I’d guess that is directed toward the older crowd that likes to dress up.

    I don’t take my kids to Scare on the Square anymore. It’s all waiting in line and people are so rude. We try to catch all the Trunk or Treats and our scout group has a Halloween party.

  3. @Lindsay, where do you go to trick or treat with the kids? I don’t really care to take my daughter there, but don’t know which neighborhoods are good for trick or treating.