We’ll try to post results of today’s vote as soon as we can. When I voted around dinner time the poll workers said they haven’t been rushed but the pace has been steady all day; that’s better than how these off-year city elections usually go. Channel 9 was shooting video and interviewing voters, should see some footage tonight at 11 on their newscast.

10:12 PM UPDATE:

Fox 61 used some of the Ch. 9 video in their 10 PM news. Reporter said results aren’t in yet (as we well know) but it “broke a record” for turnout for an off-year city election. That probably doesn’t mean much, but interest is definitely high.

10:42 PM UPDATE:

Results are in. Liquor loses by 22 votes. City council and mayor remain unchanged, Neal Florence wins his next 4 year term with a margin greater than 2:1. Kenneth Maples will be the new city judge, winning by 46 votes.

Analysis coming soon…

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