There were serious traffic problems on GA 136 over Taylor’s Ridge Tuesday morning, after a semi carrying scrap metal flipped over near Old Villanow Rd. around 5:30. The mess took hours to clean up while traffic (including school busses) had to be routed through Subligna and rural parts of Chattooga County.

Here’s Chickamauga City Manager John Culpepper putting out Bebe! signs in front of the Gordon Lee Mansion using a Chickamauga city truck. Where does the Heiskell campaign end and the Chickamauga government begin?

Unfortunately he doesn’t actually have any signs in his hand but the photographer said he was putting them up in advance of a Bebe fundraiser at the mansion, and the truck had several more in the back. Even if Culpepper himself didn’t erect the signs, it’s still illegal for them to be displayed on city-owned property.

Just another aspect of the Chickamauga Mafia.. They don’t care about campaign laws or ethics, just whatever it takes to stay in power.

New stop signs on Gordon Pond Rd. are apparently being taken down. That didn’t last long..

Drivers have complained for over a week that the new county-erected signs were dangerous as few people stop at them, and nearly run over the drivers who do. It’s still unclear why the signs were put up in the first place or why they were installed without adequate warning or law enforcement patrols to make them effective.

As stated time and time again, all of Ales Campbell’s taxes have been paid. Efforts to discredit her with claims about back taxes have done little except make more Walker County voters aware that she exists and is running for Commissioner.

all but one of the bills involved were paid many years ago. The one she was actually behind on was less than $500 and was taken care of the day she found out about it. If you want to cite an unpaid bill, talk about that one – the rest were taken care of years ago and are only mixed in this because Heiskell supporters have nothing else to throw up against her.

..except for calling her a “whore” which they don’t mind doing regularly.

Still waiting on that follow-up press conference from Don Oliver.

Walker Co Health Department is now investigating a dozen different complaints of skin infection stemming from illegal tattoos being performed by Jessica “Sweetie’s Pics” Traylor.

    “‘Apparently she hasn’t done too many tattoos, about 20 or so,’ Harris added. ‘But from what we’ve heard, about half of the people she’s put tattoos on have had some sort of infection afterwards.'”

Poorly-done illegal tattoo: $15.
Poorly-done wedding photos: $30.
HIV or Hepatitis C: priceless.

A staffing agency will be recruiting for 50 positions today 9-3 at the Housing Authority office on Oak St.

Here’s the full press release about Senator Mullis winning “Citizen of the Year” and why he supposedly deserves it. You’ll throw up in your mouth a little bit…

As previously discussed, the award is completely meaningless because of the people it’s been given to in the past.

A poll shows Georgia’s Republican voters are 50/50 on the Charter Schools amendment. The vote is going to be a close one whichever side wins.

Meanwhile the state school superintendent has notified all school districts that it is illegal for them to campaign for or against the amendment, but also told them he won’t impose any penalties or enforce any laws about that if they do.

A petition asking Bebe Heiskell to find $12k for the Rossville Library out of existing county funds has 153 signers. We need more, at least twice that many more – please consider supporting the petition.

Tomorrow night a fundraiser for the Rossville library will be held at the Civic Center, but it seems more like a Bebe Heiskell support rally than a legitimate fundraiser – every news report about the event mentions how much work she’s put in to organize the event, but none note that the thing wouldn’t be needed at all if she cut back spending on pet projects and dedicated it to the library system. More on that tomorrow.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out whom you are not allowed to criticize.”

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