October 24th marks one year since The LaFayette Underground site was relaunched with a new serious approach to covering and discussing news in LaFayette and Walker County. In the time since we’ve touched on everything from Brent Marsh to Johnny Cash, city garbage pickup to county voting precincts. During that time we’ve also gained quite a few readers: many fans and quite a few detractors.

But the point wasn’t to make friends, it was to start discussion and get people thinking about the news instead of just reading it. As we said when the site first began, the LU is about “saying what needs to be said, flipping over some rocks, in hopes of bringing a little light back into this community before it completely dies.”

Few can argue we’ve not been successful in flipping over some rocks (rocks many people would prefer to see left alone), but so far the light – while bright – is still quite small. This site has inspired or shocked many who’ve read it, but a majority of people in the community still haven’t heard of The LaFayette Underground, much less read it.

To help spread the word the LU has added a set of share tools at the bottom of each article. Those tools allow for sharing over popular social network sites like Facebook or through direct e-mail. (The LU Facebook set up last February has over 700 followers and is a great way to get additional information not posted here on the main site.) A new printer-friendly link has also been added to the bottom of each post, so you can print articles to share with less technologically inclined friends and neighbors.

Some newer readers aren’t up to speed on articles from late last year and early 2010. To make reading older stuff easier, forward and backwards navigation links have been added to the bottom of each post. Readers can follow those links backwards in time or pick a random starting place and move forward to the present. We recommend you begin at the beginning or start reading the Reboot post from last October.

In recent months we’ve gotten complaints from many locals who don’t know about local events like political meetings and votes, sporting events, and entertainment until they’ve already happened. To (hopefully) correct that, we’ve also added a local calendar to the site. Upcoming events appear in the right-hand column, with the full calendar available through a link from the top navigation bar. To add something to the calendar, e-mail lu@cityoflafayettega.com.

Finally, in honor of the site’s anniversary, a reader challenge: In comments, what’s your favorite LU article from the last year, and why? Has anything surprised, shocked, or inspired you? Anything you’d like to see more of? A selection of favorites from comments and Facebook will be listed here later this month.

Thanks for reading The LaFayette Underground.

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  1. 2010
    09.27 ..Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out

    My favorite article because its so full of incorrect information and mud slinging. Thanks for the entertainment.

  2. LU:

    My mother would like to know the year of that picture, where you can you find pictures like that, and is there anyway to blow it up. She wanted to see if should recognize the people and policeman standing in front of Abney’s.

    BTW- I tend to find all you blogs interesting. Some more than others, but that’s normal.

    Life happens everyday….


  3. We stole it from the “You Know You’re From LaFayette, GA When..” Facebook group. It was originally posted by Barbara Hicks Loggins. We have a slightly larger version saved here, but the original contributor might have something higher quality. There’s a lot of good stuff posted to that group, go look for it and let your mom look through, she’ll see a lot of old photos and post cards and things dating back into the 20’s.

    — The LaFayette Underground

  4. Not sure what my favorite was. I have enjoyed reading all of them. The one where you mentioned the city denying Roper tax breaks stands out the most I think. That was the first one I read and it really opened my eyes.

  5. Circa 1950………….