After a year-plus-change of neglect, the site is back. Sorry for my inattention, life happens.

The LaFayette Underground will be an occasionally-updated site with commentary and analysis of the news and activities happening in and around the city of LaFayette, Georgia. I cannot promise that anything will be timely, but we’ll try to at least be as current and generally 150% or more relevant than appears in the county’s pitiful local paper.

As always, this site is completely unaffiliated with the actual City of LaFayette. If we were affiliated with the city the site would lack leadership or direction, serve beer to its friends, and close down every evening at 5 PM (noon on Wednesdays and Saturdays).

Posts from 2008 and one previously unposted diatribe from 2009 will eventually be added back into the archives.

Thanks to WordPress you can add comments to each post, so feel free to mingle your own thoughts with my own.

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